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Monday | 28 November 2022

Une chorale virtuelle

Eric Whitacre est aussi un chef de chœur


185 chanteurs enregistrés dans 12 pays différents, au service d'un compositeur, Eric Whitacre, pour constituer le morceau "Lux Aurumque". Et tout ça sans même se rencontrer...

Quelques commentaires sur la vidéo :


Brilliant idea. This is the best of what the internet can do.



This really impressed me, and I think is a depth expression of the complex kind of community that human being is achieving with the arrival and growing of the Internet, catching its marvellous but also its strangeness.
This is beauty, and really makes you think about our times (and the times beyond) and the meaning of being human.


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Suite des commentaires :

Did we really come that far? Look what we've become.
Like Angels we sing from the heavens.
Isolated but connected. United but alone.
Half way to the stars, but not yet ready to fly.
Sharing one moment of perfect beauty.



Behold, this is the internet at its best.
Here we have seen a true union of individuals from around the world come together to produce a beautiful harmony. Only in the modern era could such a fusion of art and technology occur. Such displays of excellence have a way of portraying the extent of human creativity and spirit. Brilliantly done.
Maestro Whitacre, I salute you.



That is so amazing and awesome and carries such a powerful message of inity, i cannot even find words to describe my awe. Wow...Super beautiful and amazing in beauty and technology combined! And we can witness this miracle for free!!! Thank you so much!



Etonnant, innovant et SUPERBE !



What a FANTASTIC use of technology! This is beautiful.



OMG this is a fabulous convergence of music & technology - may this be the start of many such beautiful compositions & productions, congrats on a well done job, Eric & the choir (including my friend, Kurien :D)



This literally brought tears to my eyes. NEVER would you be able to replicate this in real life. Just the fact that all of these incredibly different people were brought together to sing and express such a gorgeous song is just amazing.



This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen on YouTube. I cannot BELIEVE that people can find a way to somehow not see the amazing beauty in this collaborative effort.



Phenomenal. Brilliant use of technology to bring music around the world together in one place... one format. Please continue to develop!



What a marvelous piece of work. Makes me proud to be a homo sapien.



Superb... amazing... marvellous... beautiful... unique... haunting.... genius!!!!!



This is one of the marvellous sides of the Internet: it unites people from all colours, beliefs, tendencies... More than amazing, this is simply moving! One of the most beautiful demonstrations of the bright side of the net. Congratulations and thank you!



Thanks to the Internet, for the first time in the history of mankind, people not knowing one another collaborate for another reason than fear of the whip, lust for money, or the promise of an unprobable future life. This is not more important than fire or writiing, but probably really as much. And we have the chance to witness it, or even participate to it (Open Source, Wikipedia ans so on...)



Gorgeous. Impressive. One of the best things on the entire Internet.



Un délice de l'entendre, et surtout de découvrir la prouesse de l'humain, de choristes internationaux...Merveilleux!



I am absolutely stunned by the beauty of this! Not just the song, but the concept. The whole world united online... making such beautiful things together. Amazing!
Congratulations to all of you who contributed.



Gives me the chills! I would love to try this!



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